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Uk Horse Racing Winners - Racing System

Follow our one systematic method of betting and gain impressive results time after time. You will have plenty of betting opportunities to keep you 'involved' and plenty of winners to keep you more than a little interested too.

This brilliant system has tremendous potential. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to make consistent and healthy profits.

  • A professional racing system that combines two solid and proven winning factors to give you outstanding profits.

  • Plenty of betting opportunities - Average 6 bets per day

  • Very few short priced favourites - Average winning SP 4/1

  • A better than 20% strike rate - At least 1 winner every 5 bets.

  • A free staking plan that can increase any level stakes profit by a further 15%.

Take a look at the results to the right or click here for more detail and see for yourself. Forget those silly losing bets that we all have, the guessing, the desperation for a winner, you can now set yourself up to just back these selections knowing that you are following a consistent and reliable method.

Free Staking Plan

All subscribers receive a free staking plan which will help increase any level profits by around 15%. No staking plan will make a poor selection system make money but when you can find a consistent number of winners as this system does, a good staking plan will improve what you can already win.

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  July 2006 +72.25pts +95.18pts
  August 2006 -41.05pts -27.85pts
  September 2006 +24.35pts +37.7pts
  October 2006 +26.3pts +38.73pts
  November 2006 +69.65pts +90.92pts
  December 2006 -7pts +4.9pts
  January 2007 +12.05pts +24.36pts
  February 2007 -24.5pts -17pts
  Totals +132.05 +246.94
  The results above show each months level stakes profit to sp followed by the profit achieved by adding just 10% to all winning sp's to allow for greater profits that can be made on the betting exchanges.

It is widely accepted that 20% or more is obtainable on top of most sp's by betting on the exchanges but to err on the side of caution just the 10% has been added.

If you are sceptical about the amount of profit that has been made, it is understandable, however the system is based on two solid and proven winning factors that have been combined to make a truly remarkable yet utterly genuine system. 

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